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COD Mobile Guide: Best weapons attachments in Call of Duty Mobile.

A guide to the unsurpassed accessories that goes with the various categories of weapons in the mobile game.
Whenever a new shooting game is released, initial players get puzzled about selecting the precise weapon. Variety of weapons are accessible in the game, which generates selection challenge for the players at the beginning.
Along with decent guns, using flawless attachments with the weapons is also compulsory. Call of Duty Mobile also positions the same difficult problem when it comes to its weapons and their accessories. For Call of Duty Mobile CP hack visit - https://cullop.org/call-of-duty-mobile-hack/
In this article will guide you to the best attachments, and after going through this guide, all gray areas will be obliterated from the player's mind. So, without further argument, let’s elaborate on to the guide.

Guide to Call of Duty Mobile weapon attachments

Assault Rifles

Weapons like M4, Man-O-War, AK 47, DR-H etc are categorized as assault rifle and are the commonly used weapons in the game.

Scope: While using these rifles, it is advisable to always use a red dot or hollow sight for close-range combats, and 1.5x is fairly acceptable for mid-range battles.

Grip: It is at all times necessary to use a grip in lessening the weapon's recoil. As such, the fore grip is the highest priority in grip attachment.

Muzzle: in regards to the the muzzle portion of the weapon, if players are trying to remain sly, then the suppressor would be a great choice. Using a long barrel instead of a suppressor on muzzle can upgrade the fire rate, range and damage of the rifle.

Sniper Rifles

This category even in real life combats has always been the king to winning a long distant fight and it also serves as a backup. A single bullet from a sniper rifle can create enough damage to eliminate the enemy completely.

Scope: As discussed above, the sniper is always good for long distant fights, so a more substantial scope is always superior. For this, players could
use scopes above 3X to have an improved aim.

Muzzle: Players should avoid revealing their location while operating a sniper but if you are good enough, you can jump, slide while moving around. If you are not so excellent with sniper rifle, it is advised you always use a suppressor to dampen the sound of its shot.

Sub-Machine Gun (SMG)

SMGs are usually used for the rapid/close distant fights. They have minimal damage rate but due to its low recoil and high firing rate. As such it is advised that SMG’s are often used for close-range fight.

Scope: These guns have very reduced recoil and Aim accuracy above average. So, it is often advisable to use iron sight while using these weapons and play with crosshairs.

Muzzle: long barrels are the best choice in the muzzle segment of SMGs. It will slightly advance recoil control and increases damage.

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